7 Major Truths That No One Tells You About Wedding Dress Shopping

7 Major Truths That No One Tells You About Wedding Dress Shopping

Shopping for your wedding outfits is a landmark on your way to finally becoming a bride. Use these tips to navigate the complicated mess that can be dress shopping before your big day.

1. Timing is Everything

It’s obvious that you should start shopping for your wedding dress early. Deciding on the exact day and time to visit bridal boutiques is also important to ensure you select the prefect Indian wedding dress.

Schedule a time when you’re feeling good and make sure that your mind is free from other distractions when you go shopping.

2. Keep Your Entourage Small

Do not take your entire clan with you when you go shopping for your wedding dress. If you do so, you will not only be confused but irritated at the end of the day.

Go along with only 2-3 people who have some kind of experience in shopping and whose selection you trust.

3. Explore Before You Say ‘Yes’ To The Dress

Don’t fall for the first bridal lehenga you see or try on. It’s very essential that you explore different styles, patterns and colours.

Going shopping without any reference can get overwhelming. Do some research on what styles are in vogue and which might suit you the most.

Don’t just stick to what is in trend though. Try to find a good match between whats in style and your personality. The dress should reflect you more so than the trends.

4. Play Bride

Your hair and makeup look has to be considered before pulling the trigger on a wedding outfit.

Go shopping with a wedding kind of make-up and hair. Not suggesting you go all out but in more of a subtle way.

You should have a good idea on how your dress will look on you when the big day comes. For example, does the hair-do compliment the dress or is your colour choice compatible with the makeup look.

5. You Won’t Be Alone In The Change Room

You will not get an idea on how the dress will look on you unless you get the right fitting. So, get comfortable with your consultant helping you get in and out of them.

Key: Wear undergarments that you don’t mind seeing the light of day.

6. Get Into The Groove With Your Dress

You’ll definitely look beautiful on your wedding day but you will NOT just be sitting on the stage.

So before you finalize your dress, move around in it. You can even get your groove on and bust some dance moves. The purpose is to get a feel for the fabric.

7. The Heart Wants What It Wants

It’s your wedding so you get to make the final decision. Respectfully take your inner circle’s suggestions and simply go with what feels right to you.

Wedding dress shopping can be a stressful and overwhelming phase of wedding planning. However, it also be very exciting and thrilling. Simply, avoid the don’ts and be more aware.