7 DIY Beauty Tutorials For and By South Asian Women

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7 DIY Beauty Tutorials For and By South Asian Women

It's no secret that the more similar a beauty blogger is to us, the more relatable we'll find their tips, tricks and beauty advice.

That’s why we’ve put together this list of 7 influential and of course- brown beauty bloggers.

These ladies are no doubt taking social media by storm and we can’t help but to clap a little bit harder for them. And that’s because their popularity is increasing the visibility of brown women in a beauty industry that hasn’t always been so inclusive.

But that aside, by representing our colour and culture in the digital world of beauty, these women are raising awareness, leading by example and sharing beauty advice that’s relatable to the rest of us.

So, let’s support these ladies while simultaneously learning from their beauty tutorials, shall we?

DIY Hair and Skin Routines

Two popular Instagram BBBs (brown beauty bloggers, remember? ;)), take us through their skin and hair routines.

And guess what both tutorials have in common?


Let’s see what we can do with a little coconut and a little guidance from the experts.


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That was hair, and now for skin:


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DIY Concealer

It’s no secret that perfect the South Asian skin tone isn’t a feat that every beauty company has accomplished.

So the glam mogul herself, Hudu Beauty, teaches us how to make our own DIY concealers to keep our skin and makeup flawlessly matched.


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DIY Faux Bob

Having hair that’s too long and too luscious is a ‘problem’ that us brown girls will take any day.

But, it’s true- sometimes we want to switch it up!

Here’s a quick tutorial on how to take those long tresses and create the illusion of a bob hairstyle with a bit of hairdressing creativity.

It’s a surefire way shock everyone at the party.


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DIY Makeup Tutorials

Sometimes we just feel like skipping the makeup artist and doing it ourselves. With a bit of practice, we can get to a place of skill where we know how to apply our own makeup better than most professionals do.

If you’re not there quite yet- get practising with these videos!

We have one full face glam, and another using all makeup products that you can grab from your local drugstore.

Even if you’re not ready to wear the DIY makeup looks out, it might be fun to make a night out of practising (cue the wine and the makeup!)


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Skip the expensive products and make do with that you have instead:


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Alright so how was that?

Surely, between all of the talented BBBs you probably picked a good tip or two up, if not more.

It’s always exciting to stumble upon people we’re similar to, and it’s especially great when those people are creating awesome content that’s relatable!

Anyways, that’s a wrap- have a great time trying out these beauty tutorials for yourself.

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Happy Planning! – Indian Wedding Buzz

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