6 Wedding Registry Options You Ought To Know About

6 Wedding Registry Options You Ought To Know About

Registering for wedding gifts is not very common in traditional South Asian weddings as cash is the preferred gifting method.

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However, if you decide to buck the trend then keep on reading.

Why a wedding registry?

When you are invited to a wedding, it is always difficult to decide on what type of gift to give. Your guests may not know both of you well enough to know what to give, and they usually do not know what you need. Having a gift registry will help them purchase the items that you can use, and will help you by not getting duplicates and having to make returns.

Where shall I register?

Nearly every large store has an online gift registry. It will be easier for your guests if you choose a store or website that is well-known and recognizable. Some of your guests may want to order your gift online, while others may want to buy the gift to bring to the wedding. Either way, you may want to do all of your registering on-line, or visit the brick and mortar stores and shop away.

Six wedding registry options

There are countless stores and websites where you can register for your wedding gifts, but here’re six that you may want to consider:

1. Amazon.com

Amazon’s wedding registry has by far the largest product selection. After all, we’re talking about the biggest online store in the world.

Anything sold on Amazon can be added to your registry. You can also add item not sold on the retails giant’s website (shocking!) using Amazon’s universal gift registry feature.

Millions of people shop on Amazon so chances are that your guests are familiar with the shopping experience which makes the whole process seamless.

2. Zola

Zola is definitely the most user friendly wedding registry. This gift registry is tailor-made for the modern couple with awesome benefits.

3. Macy’s

Another popular store, Macy’s wedding registry offers some great perks, a guide of top-rated brands, a comprehensive registry checklist and an online thank you card manager to help you keep track of your thank you’s after the wedding.

One of the perks is a 10% discount on all items remaining in your wedding registry after your wedding.

You can also participate in their Registry Star Rewards Program (reward dollars!) by registering with a Macy’s credit card.

4. MyRegistry.com

If you want to select gifts from multiple online stores then look no further than MyRegistry.

One of the key benefits of this popular gift registry is the ease of use. Simply place the “Add to MyRegistry” button on your bookmark bar. Then, browse your favourite stores and just click the button to instantly add gifts to your wedding registry.

You can also add items while on-the-go using their app. Just scan the barcode while you’re browsing your favourite store. MyRegistry also supports cash gifts via Paypal.

You can also import your existing registries from all major bridal retailers to create one universal wedding registry.

5. Target

Target offers a 15% discount on the items remaining in your registry, free shipping on all order over $25, and you can return or exchange gifts up to a year after your wedding date.

You’ll find a wider selection at lower prices compared to upscale stores like Bloomingdales.

6. Bloomingdales

If you want a more personalized experience then Bloomingdales wedding registry would be a great choice. You’ll get a personal registry consultant who will take note of your preferences and make recommendations accordingly.

You also get 20% off fine jewelry while your registry is active.

You can’t really go wrong with any of these six wedding registry options. Pick one that you like and have fun selecting gifts.