6 Ways Engaged Couples Can Avoid Conflict During Wedding Planning

6 Ways Engaged Couples Can Avoid Conflict During Wedding Planning

Planning a wedding is stressful: not only are you organizing different events, you’re readying yourself to start a brand new chapter in your life, and conflicts can escalate easily.

Here are some tips to help quash disagreements and remain calm through the process:

1. Be Understanding

With any conflict, try to understand the other point of view. Emotions can get the best of you, especially while under stress, but keep a level head and try to look at the situation objectively. Most conflicts will be resolved much quicker this way!

2. Be Strategic

Although help is always appreciated, too much input can be overwhelming. Limit the number of people involved in wedding planning to both of the immediate families and anyone that is extremely close to yourself or the groom to avoid unnecessary drama.

3. Be Respectful

It’s difficult to plan a wedding to please two different families (as well as the groom and yourself) so if, and when, the two sides butts heads, be respectful. Don’t let frustration get the best of you and say something you don’t mean to/about your new family – it can happen very easily and cause a lot of damage.

4. Be Considerate

Give as much notice as possible if you need something done! Not many of your friends and family have as much time as you to devote to planning your wedding so be realistic with your expectations of people. This also goes for vendors and anyone else involved with the wedding.

5. Be Vocal

Similar to the point above but be sure to voice what you want from people – don’t expect them just to know and end up frustrated if no one understands what you want. It’s your wedding so you’re entitled to share your vision and opinions but make sure you say them out loud.

6. Be Organized

The more organized you are, the less stressed you’ll be and the less likely additional things will come up. Be as organized as possible to remain calm through the wedding process.

Don’t let conflict take over the planning process. Although these points are common sense, it’s very easy to get caught up in the heat of the moment when you’re already stressed. Your wedding is one of the happiest occasions in your life, so the build-up should be happy too!