6 Sisters Of The Bride Whose Outfits Made Heads Turn

6 Sisters Of The Bride Whose Outfits Made Heads Turn

These six women exuded the upmost beauty at their sister's wedding, many whose designs complemented the brides and a few who were just as glamorous!

1. Three Looks, Three Events

This sister stunned in all of her three looks, each very different for the ceremony, sangeet and reception of her sister’s grand wedding affair.

2. Twins In Precious Pinks

These two sisters wore complementary pink lehengas for a Thai destination wedding of epic proportions.

3. Shimmering Pastel Gowns

These two sisters showed up to this bride’s wedding looking opulent and elegant in shimmering pastel gowns.

4. Muted Colors To Match

This darling sister matched her outfit with the bride’s, to show solidarity and fashion sense for her sister’s big day.

5. Regal In Blue And White

This sister complemented the bride’s look and wedding with a blouse that matched her dupatta and skirt that was purely white all on its own.

6. Mesmerizing Manish Malhotra Design

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This sister, who also happens to be a mother, radiated celebrity charm in crystalized luxury couture for her sister’s special day.