6 Impressively Unique Jaimala Styles To Rock At Your Wedding

6 Impressively Unique Jaimala Styles To Rock At Your Wedding

Wonder what's the big deal about Jaimalas? This lovely string of garlands is going to hang around your neck throughout your wedding ceremony. So, you got to be selective about it right?

We’re spilling out the secrets to rock your wedding with these 6 amazing Jaimala styles that will add the final touch of glam to your bridal avatar.

1. Inverted Soft Roses

beautiful couple anushka and virat kohli

The ultimate choice of one of the prettiest brides this season, the inverted roses in jaimalas are the hottest ones on the block.

Pastel colours like blush pink, yellow or all whites are best ones to pick if you have decided to wear neutral tone lehengas and subtle jewellery like Anushka Sharma.

2. Leaves and Delicate Carnations

Green in itself is a colour too far out unique for a jaimala. However, these have equal amount of flowers and foliage.

For sensitive people allergic to strong fragrant flowers, botanical jaimalas have emerged as a total saviour. Their subtle appeal is perfect if you’re not in for flashy stuff for your wedding.

3. Colour Coordinated Not Twinned

Why match your Jaimala to your outfit and blend with the rest of the glam? Infact, you should choose colours that make it pop and complement your dress in perfect contrast.

Or try something even more unique by choosing reverse colour combination for both the jaimalas. You’d be a trendsetter in no time.

4. Pearls Strings With Kundan Pieces

Jaimalas don’t always have to be floral garlands hurling around your neck. Try the latest ones with emerald strings and Kundan pieces at the bottom along with some roses or carnations in between.

Talk to your florist about these well in advance or ask your decor partners to arrange a readymade set for you.

5. Artificial and Lightweight

Super light and still equally charming… Artificial or or origami jaimalas are a smart way to rock the traditional especially if you’re going for a summer wedding.

It will look perfect with the refreshing origami decor at your wedding and you can play with the colours you like without sweating about seasonal flowers and their availability.

6. Thai Flowers And Ribbons

This tropical speciality got popular after Nishka Lulla’s wedding pictures surfaced the internet.

Made from small, bead like Thai flowers in pink and white, a Jaimala like this one would look gorgeous on any bride.