6 Amazing Save The Date! Ideas For Engaged Couples

6 Amazing Save The Date! Ideas For Engaged Couples

From creating your own website to exquisite henna designs or filmy Bollywood graphics, these six save the date ideas are the ultimate ways to declare your special date.

1. Say It With Henna

A beautiful idea for brides announcing their big day is to book a henna appointment.

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Customize your henna design to convey your love story or spell the date out in a luxurious design. After posting your photos and seeing friends in person, no one will be able to forget your wedding date!

2. How About An Epic Invitation Video?

This sweet couple made a beach-themed video announcing their wedding date. The film shows them dancing on the beach together and writing thoughtfully in the sand.

3. Or Your Very Own Wedding Website

Krish and Reshu, who tied the knot in Thailand in April 2017, are a great example of the efforts you and your fiancee can go to announce the accommodations and special dates. Various internet portals that offer the service.

Included in their site is their personal love story, pictures of the couple, travel requirements for guests, hotel stays and tips for exploring their chosen destination.

4. Go Bollywood With A Filmy Graphic

Recreate your favorite love flick, using yourself as the main actors or characters. Or recreate a movie title and graphic that spells out your own personal love story.

5. Send Some Sweet Goodies

Treat your guests with some sugary sweetness and leave a great impression of your future marriage. Many bakeries offer customizable cupcake designs, cookies you can engrave your name and date into and other delicious goodies!

6. Host A Fun Photoshoot!

Use you and your fiancee’s creative sides to imagine up and create a unique and fun-filled photo that can serve as a wedding invitation for your guests.

This photograph tells the story of a couple who “Put a ring on it.”