5 Unique Ways of Saying “Marry Me”

5 Unique Ways of Saying “Marry Me”

Can you guess one of the most rehearsed lines in the history of love and romance? It’s a simple proposal - “Will you marry me?”

Every woman dreams about the day their Mr. Perfect will pop the question. But, it doesn’t need to be the same traditional way of bending on one knee.

We bring you five most romantic and totally extravagant ways of confessing your love…

  1. While She’s at the movies

marry me 1

If your girl is a movie buff, this will be the best surprise for you. Take your sweetheart out for a film. Book an interval ad slot and roll a slide show of you and you partner’s pictures. End it with a flattering video message showing how special she is for you.

2. Use local Radio Station

marry me 2

Choose a special day like Valentine’s or her birthday to double her joy. Call her from the Radio Channel and express your feelings out and loud. The answer has to be a “Yes!” And don’t forget to play her favourite love song.

3. Underwater Proposal

marry me3

Arrange some professional divers to hold a canvas with your personalised message and live the moment together. The spectacular sight is going to stay in her memories forever.

4. Take It To The Skies

marry me 4

Try going a little retro with Skywriting. Take her out for a drive during daytime when the sky is clear and let the sky writers spell the beans into the air. The rest will follow on it’s own.

5. Cute Little Flipbook

marry me 5

Team up with a great artist or try creating one yourself. Love is all about going that extra mile for that someone special. At the end of the book, you can place a ring. Isn’t this the cutest way to ask for her hand?