5 Romantic Ways To Celebrate Your First Valentine’s Day After Marriage

5 Romantic Ways To Celebrate Your First Valentine’s Day After Marriage

From candle light dinners to a hot air balloon ride, there must have been several love adventures for you as engaged couples.

But, if this is your first valentine’s day after marriage, here are 5 romantic ways to seize some of those memorable treasures once again.

1. Scrapbook Your Love Tale

You might have clicked and stored over hundreds of images together from the day of your wedding. Use those to make a crafty little scrapbook with sweet notes.

The result will be your priced possession forever.

2. Heat Things Up… In The Kitchen 😉

There is something about cooking that heightens the chemistry between couples. And what better time to bake that heart shaped chocolate cake for your valentine.

3. An Undisrupted Netflix Binge

Cuddle up on a couch and tune in to your favourite series on the TV. It is a great opportunity to find out what your partner loves to watch. Or if you have no preferences, pick some valentine material movies and enjoy.

4. Long Drive Under The Starry Sky

Get a little adventurous by driving out to a nice, scenic place where the two of you can be alone together. Turn off the music and pour your heart out to each other while gazing the stars.

5. Play Like Kids Again

When was the last time you both got out of your comfort zones and tried something you both haven’t done before?

This Valentine’s day, team up as childhood buddies looking for some notorious fun… You’ll love every bit of it.