5 Life-Saving Tips For Anyone In A Long-Distance Relationship

5 Life-Saving Tips For Anyone In A Long-Distance Relationship

Let's face it, relationships are a lot of work. Much more so if it's long distance! The agony of bad internet connection when you want to Skype, and busy schedules can be very stressful.

1. Put Your Stress Aside

Yes, I know. You’ve had a long, terrible day. You’re not happy in a slightest way and you’re only glimmer of joy is to talk with your significant other. But then they message to say they’re not available and will have to Skype tomorrow. How do you deal?

Don’t take your stress and anger out on them! Take deep breaths. Plan something special for the other person to make the next Skype call even better than it would have been today. Whether that means maybe having a Skype dinner date, ordering them flowers in their area or just dressing up a little. You’ll both appreciate it.

2. Make Every Moment Count

Every moment spent talking counts. Keep things interesting by composing a handwritten letter for her/him and mailing it. Ignore the world while you’re listening to them. Talk about your day even if it feels recycled or repetitive. They want to know!

They care for you deeply and everything you say or do, matters. They deserve that exclusivity even if it’s in those small moments. The world gets the rest of your time anyway.

3. Be Consistant In Communication

This may be a bit difficult to do but with a lot of effort from both sides, it’s possible. Remember to always reply to them as soon as you hear from them.

Call them whenever it’s an emergency or if they’re down. Be consistent with the effort you put in so your connection will strengthen with time.

4. Practice, Patience!

With any relationship, patience is crucial. Yes, there may be a girl at work who may be giving you attention. Same for her with a guy. But you need to remember that things won’t always be long distance between you and your significant other!

So don’t settle for anyone else that may seem more convenient or because you’re feeling lonely and frustrated because you can’t be with your significant other. Be patient. Keep the faith and love alive especially in the darkest of moments.

5. Devote ‘Special Time’ To Them

Plan a time or certain days when you know you can allocate the most of your time to spend with them. Make it once or twice a week in addition to the usual time. Like a Friday night or Sunday afternoon.

That way you’re ensuring they know you prioritize them and you stand out from all the other people they keep in contact with.