5 Hair Accessories That Will Complete Your Bold And Beautiful Bridal Look

5 Hair Accessories That Will Complete Your Bold And Beautiful Bridal Look

Beautiful hair accessories made from flowers, gold, diamonds and other exquisite elements are often necessary to complete a bride's look. Here are five bold and glorious hair possibilities!


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From minimal to extensive, mathapatti are available in variety of styles. The ornament rests on the top of your forehead and is an extension of a mang tikka, which covers only the middle parting of your hairs.

This one extends on both the sides of your forehead and looks absolutely stunning.

Another option is a Matha Patti with multiple chains on one or both sides. It’s also wise to consider your forehead length when selecting a Matha Patti to help you decide on the one that will look best on you.


bridal hair accessories

Jhoomars are often worn by Muslim brides, but all brides are slowly starting to opt for these stylish bridal hair accessories. A jhoomar dangles on the left or right side of your forehead in an enchanting way.

It looks even more beautiful when you match the design with your earrings!

Mang Tikka

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Mang tikka is the most common hair accessory, but what takes it to the next level is the oversized mang tikka. This lofty tikka covers your forehead and looks ravishing.

Also, you can go minimal on other accessories when you wear this tikka as it will be the ultimate show stopper!

Juda Pins

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When you bind your hairs in beautiful hairstyles you need to accessorize them with Juda Pins. They are better than flowers as you can use them again on different occasions and in different ways.

You can even match your juda pins with your outfits!

Offbeat Hair Accessories

bridal hair accessories

If you’re a bride who wants a quirky and non-traditional look, try some off-beat bridal hair accessories. A tiara or a wreath made from flowers, pearls or even diamonds is quintessential.

A fancy hair clip with feathers or pearls could also change your look and make you stand out!