21 Exquisite Henna Designs You Need to See Right Now

21 Exquisite Henna Designs You Need to See Right Now

Every bride has a unique henna style envisioned for her special day. Here are 21 designs too good to pass...maybe you'll find one you love right here!

Details, details and more details! With such tiny yet eye catching details, this bridal design awes and how!

The netting design on the hand is becoming more a trend since laced gloves…Many brides are opting for this style…we can see why!

How neat is this design? This bridal style is the perfect combination of intricacy and clean lines. Might seem impossible to achieve but just look at the effect.

The glitter, the anklet, and of course, the design itself…all work hand-in-hand to provide a phenomenal bridal look. Heads will turn!

The portion of this bridal design that really pops is the netted grid on the hand and how well the flow of each section of the arm is…we did a double take.

You just can’t keep your eyes off how captivating this bridal style is…mesmerizing motifs galore!

If you are looking for a more contemporary approach in your henna design, this style is all that and more.

Gulf roses are a great way to fuse Indian and Arabic styles! The concept of connecting a bridal design with roses and netting really ties it all together for a one-of-a-kind take.

Neatness and intricacy meet once again to elegantly compliment this stunning bridal henna…seamless!

One of the most amazing things about henna is the fact that it tells a story – In this flawless bridal design, signature figures are drawn to show how the lucky couple met! Die-hard romantics better take note.

The gorgeous Indian scenery and stunning details help this design truly pop!

Sweet mother of henna – how amazing is this color! Tradition says a dark hue shows how much your husband loves you. All we know is how much we love this style!

Bridal arms and feet? Oh my! Look at the crisp, clean lines and the amazing composition…slaying!

In this bridal mehendi, the Ganesh, elephant, flower and Eiffel tower are important figures to symbolize something very dear to the bride. Talk about creating memories!

The interesting take on the typical mandala design is exceptionally executed here! The contrast between filled and open space makes this design unique and stylish.

A fusion between contemporary and traditional designs, this work would be a happy medium for any bride wanting something not so heavy while still being intricate.

The factors of balanced and dense fills really play a role in this design as it helps your eyes follow down to the elegant peacock on the hands.

A shaadi is incomplete without the incorporation of bride and groom figures! Here, the figures are the “icing on the cake” for this extraordinary bridal design.

The concept of open nets is in vogue nowadays. With more and more brides wanting an elegant yet light bridal, this design seems to meet the criteria!

Dense designs are very commonly seen in India and this is one clear sign…The intricacy and details keep your eyes glued in amazement.

This extremely heavy bridal design is nothing short of breathtaking. The figures and motifs all intricately intertwine to provide an amazing love story!