2019 Bridal Trends: The Top 5 Wedding Game-Changers

By: Indian Wedding Buzz Planning

2019 Bridal Trends: The Top 5 Wedding Game-Changers

Every year, experts from planners to designers come together and make their predictions on which trends will rock the wedding industry. Here are the biggest (and best) bridal trends we can expect in 2019.

From the color of the year, to themes based on scent and how to make your wedding more eco-friendly, we’ve listed the top 5 things to include in any wedding to make it especially trendy and relevant. As they say, beauty is in the details. And they couldn’t be any more right about that. When it comes to wedding planning, it’s often the smallest details and considerations that make the biggest impression on guests. That’s because we all appreciate the thoughtfulness that goes behind them.

2019 Trends You Can Incorporate Into Wedding Planning

So, instead of thinking of trends as a here-today-gone-tomorrow, let’s embrace these small expert recommendations that sort of put a time stamp on our events, as if to say, ‘our wedding proudly occurred in 2019, and to celebrate the beauty of the year, we included everything that defined it.’ 

Wedding Trend #1- Pantone’s Color of the Year: Living Coral

Could we be any more excited about this? Coral looks incredibly beautiful on most South Asian skin tones, so this is a huge win! Not only is coral a delightfully light and fresh color, but it has a range of shades that can be dressed lighter or darker. Can’t you just picture it? A groom wearing his deep coral sherwani in the temple, beautiful soft coral fabric draping on the mandap, or a bride’s living coral suit, complimenting the warmth of the sun on a gorgeous summer day.

The fun thing about including a color-0f-the-year into a wedding is the creative control. We can add small touches throughout the events (think invites, dessert tables, centrepieces), or bring it together with one accent wall or statement outfit. We’re excited to see 2019 weddings make the most of the absolutely gorgeous color that Living Coral is.

Wedding Trend #2- The Eco-Conscious Wedding

It’s no surprise that eco-friendliness is one of the biggest trends of 2019. It really is a beautiful thing that being more ‘green’ is important to so many people who want a sustainable future. And what better time to make an impact than with a wedding?

With a few small changes or considerations, we can make what’s undeniably a wonderful day, into one that celebrates love and life. Not only will guests love being a part of something that’s eco-conscious, but you’ll feel proud of having made that decision. Here are a few ways to significantly decrease the eco-footprint of a wedding:

  • Go paperless! By opting for paperless options for everything from invites (e-vites for the win!) to itineraries, you’ll be saving trees
  • Make the favors plantable! Start your journey of love by sending everyone off with a mini plant or seeds. They will remember you fondly and bring life into their own space
  • Plan for the extra food! Often, especially with buffet weddings, there is plenty of food left over. A wonderful thing you can do to make your wedding more ‘green’ is to reduce all of the food waste. Talk to your caterer and local food-kitchens on donation options

There we have it, 3 ways to keep the eco-friendly trend going for our events. This is really just the tip of the iceberg, there are tons of others things we can consider- from choice of outfits to outdoor weddings and organic flowers- get creative with it!

Wedding Trend #3- The Scent Based Theme

So, we’re all very familiar with the aesthetics-based themes that weddings often have. For example, we may attend a reception with a Winter wonderland theme, or a princess-themed bridal shower. And typically in these themes, everything looks like it belongs. But, with weddings becoming more and more decadent, guests aren’t just being wow’d with their eyes anymore. One very interesting 2019 theme to look out for is the scent-based theme.

That means that we might attend (or have our own!) wedding with a lavender theme. And, as soon as we walk in, not only will the theme be visibly obvious, but we’ll also be able to smell the lavender scent throughout! This trend will no doubt add a new layer of experience to the wedding. Our only caution is to be aware of scent-sensitive guests- but outside of that, this is one wedding trend that we’re all in for!

Wedding Trend #4- Fine Artistry Details

Okay future bride and grooms, we’ve got another vendor to add to the list! So, instead of just thinking of just the usual vendors (photographers, makeup artists, we’re looking at you!), we’ll also see lots of fine artists bringing their creative touch to weddings this year.

One of the top 2019 wedding trends we can expect is the increase of personalised and custom artworks part of the wedding experience. This could be anything from hand painted invites to live-painting at the reception and artworks of the couple. The addition of an artist will bring an artisanal and cultured ambience to weddings. Needless to say, art and weddings is something we can all get on board with.

Wedding Trend #5- Alternate Wedding/ Engagement Rings

While we can all appreciate the natural beauty of a diamond, technology has brought us to a point where choosing between price and sparkle doesn’t have to happen. The fact is, the current and upcoming generation of young couples just aren’t buying diamonds like they used to. The diamond and weddings ring industry continues on a decline, and that’s probably to the relief of a lot of people. So, a huge wedding trend that we’ll be seeing in 2019 is the increase of the alternate ring.

The past few years have shown us that gemstones, crystals and synthetic ‘diamonds’ like cubic zirconia are dominating the industry. This one will have to be a pretty personal decision, so whether you decide to jump on it for ethical or financial reasons, is totally up to you and your partner. We’re just saying, it’s good to finally have options!

With that said, bring it on 2019! Now that we’re in the know, we can choose to adopt the trends we like best, and pass on the others. Here’s to wishing us all a fantastic year ahead.

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