20 Bridesmaids Poses Totally Worth Stealing For Your Wedding Album

20 Bridesmaids Poses Totally Worth Stealing For Your Wedding Album

Nothing makes your special day even more memorable than to have your girl squad by your side all the way and capturing those memories for eternity. Here are some fabulous clicks totally worth posing for with your besties!

Squad Goals

These girls hold a special spot in your life, which is why they are by your side on your big day. A picture is not complete without your squad first and foremost.

Laughter all the Way

Can’t be a dull moment with your fave girls joining in on all the fun! Loving the colors and candidness of this shot!

Classy and Sassy

We are all for attitude when it comes to these group shots. The bride is the queen, no doubt, but all ’em ladies hold their own as well.

‘Bonding’ and How!

Tried and tested, works like a charm every time. The Bond pose will never go out of style, and doing it with your bridesmaids is only natural!

Taa-Daa, Here she is!

And now presenting…The Bride! How adorable is this – happiness, excitement, all around good vibes in the universe.

The More the Merrier

Who said you should have only a couple of bridesmaids? The more the merrier, because these girls make your big day even better.

Center of Attention

Love is when your entourage stares at you like you are the most beautiful person they have seen. Also, when they help you set your veil!

Entourage Envy

Lead, and your bridesmaids will follow. Get your entourage together for a memorable group shot like this gorgeous posse of pretty ladies.


One word – WOW! Adding in the ambience and taking it all in, this picture is the right play of light, elements, color, you name it!

Stand Up For Yourself

On a stairway full of drama like this one…yes, sure! This one looks like right out of the opening credits for a TV show!

Coordinate and Contrast

The coordinated styles and the contrasting colors (let’s not forget the height order!) make for a clean shot capturing the essence of this bridal party.

Naughty by Nature

Kill it with that innocent ‘I don’t know what’s going on’ smile while the girls get their game on, pouting, posing, playful and with plenty of pizzazz to spare.

On the Lookout

A little over the shoulder action here with your friends looking out over you as you look on forward…

Cutesy Courtesies

This one just make you go hmm…in a sweet old-fashioned way. One of this feel good shots that will never seem dated, and always bring back fond thoughts.

Enjoying the Moment

Candid shot captured beautifully by this photographer. Wonder if the ladies even knew that was a click! Lovely composition and natural vibes.

Simple but Regal

When a pose is this simple, the people in it look extremely elegant. Because less is more. Also, this just screams magazine cover shoot!

Game Face!

Relive those game day moments with your best friends with this playful shot. It shows how fun you and your crew is and you get to live those moments one more time.

Around in Swirls

Swirl, twirl and make time for your girls. This is an excellent photo pop – playful yet beautiful and surely setting the stage for some giggles and group hugs.

Out Of The Way!

Props are always fun when its done with your best friends in tow. This shot spells mischief and mayhem – all the things you surely to up to with you girl squad so why not liv it up once more for your wedding day memories!

Posse Pride

Ain’t nobody messing around with this bride and her girls. The ultimate do with your crew! Look at all that bridesmaid lovin’…impressive!