16 Instagram Inspired Cakes for Your Wedding Day

16 Instagram Inspired Cakes for Your Wedding Day

Choosing the cake of your dreams for your wedding events is a highly creative and delightful process. To inspire your cake for your big day, here’s some food for thought!

All the Colors of the Peacock

Symbols of harmony, joy and protection, the colors of the peacock also give you many shades and tones to play with for your wedding theme. A train of cupcakes as the tail feathers is a fun twist on a beautiful classic.

Bliss and Blessings

Let Lord Ganesh, the remover of obstacles, bless your wedding day for a happy and blissful marriage. The lotus flowers add a delicate beauty to the cake and are a symbol of prosperity and fertility.

Elephant Cushion Cake

Feel like a Maharaja and Maharani on your wedding day with an elephant, a symbol of royalty, topping your wedding cake. Intricately designed fondant cushions add to the opulent theme. The cake above was designed by Cakes By Robin.

Palace of your Dreams, Bollywood Style

One of India’s most famous love stories is that of Shah Jahan and Mumtaz Mahal. A love forever immortalized by the Taj Mahal. Declare your love for each other and the world to see with your very own crown palace.

Ombré, Floral, Henna

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Sound like too many good things at once? Gilded henna designs on a 4 tiered pink ombré cake with a floral ruffled tier brings a colorful spin on an age old tradition.

Sapphire Saree Showdown

Have a replica of your saree or lehenga sumptuously draped across your wedding cake for your special day. Intricately decorated, this sapphire blue saree looks like it flows right over the actual cake.

Where the Dhol at?

If thinking of your big day makes your heart beat faster, a dhol cake may be apt. Perfect for a Sangeet, this dhol cake is jewelled and intricately decorated with traditional motifs guaranteed to keep the beat going all night.

Pop of Color With Cake Pops

Understated yet elegant and unique, this wedding cake is covered in cake pops with bride and groom cake pops on top. For a fun idea, have the cake pops be a different flavor from the rest of the cake.

Rope in the Sherwani

Perfect for your Mehndi night or as a groom’s cake, this sherwani cake is intricately decorated with a gold brocade motif and edible pearl buttons.

Red and Gold Glamour

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No wedding is complete without a splash of red and gold so this cake is the perfect multi-level ode to the rich colors and tones of our weddings.

Pause for Paisley

In customary wedding colors of red and gold, this paisley pattern is both traditional yet modern and symbolizes fertility.

Henna Homage

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Brightly colored henna designs intricately cover this 5 tiered pastel pink cake. A luxurious and bespoke design available from one of the world’s biggest luxury stores: Harrods.

Ring in the Ruby Reds

Ruby red dupatta decorated with golden motifs and beautiful red roses trimmed with gold. Another take on the traditional wedding colors we love!

Polished and Pretty

These tiers of elegance and oomph you cannot ignore…tastefully created and definitely looks like it would be tasty to consume too!

One For The Groom

Lest you forget the man! This regal groom’s cake is decorated with traditional wedding garb. A groom’s jeweled art silk turban and a replica of a traditional khussa shoe in indigo and golden hues.

Grand Finale

Close it out with a bang with this example of cake artistry at its best. The tiers, the handcrafted detail, the colors – magnificence!