15 Timeless And Inspiring Close-Up Bridal Portraits You’ll Want To Recreate

15 Timeless And Inspiring Close-Up Bridal Portraits You’ll Want To Recreate

We scoured the web, narrowing down our 15 favorite up-close bridal portraits for you to model and recreate on your wedding day. Be inspired beautiful brides!

Regal Beauty

This bride looks like royalty in this close up shot. The natural smoky eye, bright red lip and beautiful jewelry add to her looking away from the camera and creates a truly scintillating shot.

Dark Masterpiece

When the bride looks into the distance, you can fully appreciate how beautiful and unique her eye make-up is. She looks straight out of a Bollywood movie, showcasing her gorgeous outfit and jewelry!

Jeweled Glamour

Every little detail is visible and enhances her bridal beauty – stunning hair, make-up, and jewelry. Kudos to the photographer for capturing every element.

Pearl Perfection

The lighting and the angles here create a stunning visual. Admire her beautiful outfit but that smile captured truly shows how she feels about her big day.

Braided Beauty

This DressYourFace beauty offers a striking shot when she stare straight into the camera. You don’t always need to be the shy bride, this woman oozes confidence!

Mixed Metals

Breath-taking gold and silver embroidery and jewelry combo shine through. The lighting makes her sparkle and her calm expression makes for a classy click.

Modern Maroon

The floral background complements this brides maroon lehenga beautifully. The lighting, the angle and everything comes together to highlight her beauty and create a stunning photo.

Royal Elegance

There’s nothing more regal than wearing a crown and this bride does it with style! By posing with her eyes closed it really shows how flawless her make-up is, and the details of her jewelry.

Ravishing Red

The color here makes an impression – gold and cherry red is a sophisticated combination, and the slightly darker red lip creates a gorgeous contrast with her outfit and backdrop.

Champagne Pop

Natural lighting is a must for photos and this one shows why! The light hits her face and outfit in the perfect places and creates a gorgeous picture.

Radiant Red

This picture perfect bride is all smiles on her big day! The natural lighting is a plus, and really makes the red of her flowers pop against her gold blouse.

Glitter Goddess

Another maroon beauty, this up-close shot shows every little detail of her make-up and jewelry. But the showstopper is how the light hits her glitter eyes, and makes them shine.

Midnight Beauty

Look straight at the camera to get an up close and personal shot! The bold navy blue is a fantastic choice, and the large jewelry as well as colorful make-up comes together to create an exquisite photo.

Understated Elegance

This simple bride shows you don’t need to be dripping in jewels to make an impact. Her show-stopping look comes together beautifully, and it’s heightened by her refusal to look at the camera.

Gorgeous Gold

This bride would win a medal for her stunning look. The gold outfit, red choora and red lips are a great combination. Plus, her eye contact with the camera really shows how beautiful she feels on her special day.