12 Wedding Looks That Will Leave You In Awe: December Edition

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12 Wedding Looks That Will Leave You In Awe: December Edition

Welcome to our roundup of Instagram's most popular wedding looks! Get inspired by these beautiful photos of South Asian couples, hair and makeup and bridal portraits we go through the top 12.

The great thing about social media is that people are able to express what they like with just the hit of a ‘like,’ ‘comment’ or ‘share.’

And with over 500k of you helping tell us what you like best, we decided to put together a list of some of your favourites.

Get ready to be inspired!

Bride and Groom Inspiration: The Top 3

Here are 3 beautiful couples with equally stunning photography to capture them.

1. The Pink and Teal Bridal Portrait

This happy-go-lucky couple shined with bright eyes, big smiles, and outfits to match.

2. The Elegant Duo

 Sporting a beautiful floral saree and equally lovely sherwani, this couple brought an air of royalty.

3. Classic and Timeless Go Together

There’s nothing quite like a deep red on a bridal lehenga is there? This couple was a vision of classic, cultural beauty.

Bridal Portrait Inspiration: The Top 3

There’s no question about it- every bride is an absolute vision on her wedding day. Here, we bring you 4 brides who blew us away in their bridal portraits.

1. Forals, Florals Everywhere

From her lehenga to the garden around her, this picturesque bride got the perfect photo from her big day.

2. She is Art

From the photography, to the pose, the craftsmanship of her lehenga, and her hair and makeup, all of the details came together for this stunning bride.

3. Pretty in Yellow

Yellow is one color that we hope isn’t going away anytime soon. We’ve seen so many South Asian bride’s rock the trend this year, but this one had us especially in awe.

Hair and Makeup Inspiration: The Top 6

From bright and bold to understated and soft, these six photos the most widely appreciated styles in hair and makeup.

1. Red Lip and Smokey Eye Never Fails

Part of the beauty of her aesthetic is the contrast between her glam makeup and the soft pink fabric of her chunni.

2. Radiant and Glowing

We’re in love with her smile…and her eyes…and her jewellery.. okay we love everything about this look.

3. Major Hair Goals

The hairstylist behind this is so talented. Look at how beautifully she accented the braid with delicate, lovely flowers.

4. Pastel Heaven

This look is feminine, well balanced and just a pleasure to look at. The henna, the color of the eyes, the intricacies of the jewellery, there are so many details here to take note of.

5. A Colorful Personality

What says celebration better than bright colours and florals? This personality shines from the inside out, giving us all kinds of zest-for-life kinds of vibes.

6. A Vision in Gold

This outstanding photo is made by elements of the golden hues of her skin, the off-the-shoulder fashion of her blouse and the subtleties of her pose.

And that’s our roundup of the top 12 South Asian wedding photos!

We hope you were just as inspired by these as we were.

We’ll be posting more of these lists, so you can see exactly what’s trending in real time, stay tuned!

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