9 Ways To Include Your Pups In Your Wedding

9 Ways To Include Your Pups In Your Wedding

Your wedding day is a chance to be surrounded by loved ones. So why should your beloved pups be left behind in celebrations?

Here are 9 adorable ways you can include your furry darlings in the wedding.

1. The Cutest Love Triangle

Let your baby dogs strike an equally stunning pose with you and your groom.

They not only add a refreshing element to wedding pictures but stay as an everlasting memory too.

2. Guest To Impress

Featured wedding pet Deepi Eeshan

Get a personalised Sherwani or suit stitched for your munchkin and see him flaunt it everywhere.

You can even go for a colour-coordinated pooch collar matching your bridal outfit.

3. When She Can’t Say NO!

Grooms with pets should definitely consider writing your special question on a bumper, ball, or even carved into a stick.

And which girl would ever say NO to those puppy eyes…

4. The Starry Ring Bearer

Make the most of your dog’s well groomed look by making him your engagement ring bearer. If that doesn’t add a warm smile on your groom’s face, nothing will.

5. Icing On The Cake

Your reception cake is the centre of attraction.

With all eyes towards the fancy tower that marks your celebration, it would be unique and super charming to choose a dog cake topper.


6. The Dog Of Honor

We all have that one niece or little sister to walk down the aisle and announce, “here comes the bride!”

Allow her the handsome company of your flower crowned pooch. The cuteness will be over-flooding.

7. Helping In The Pre-Wed Shoot

From ‘Save The Date’ placards to ‘My Humans are getting married’ stick boards, you can include your loyal BFFs in as many pre-wedding shots as you like.

Your loved one has to approve of your togetherness so make him part of the wedding album too.

8. Bridal Squad Goals

Because your pets have helped you just like all your bridesmaids at the wedding, it would a great idea to include them in your squad right?

Adorn them with matching flower power and be ready for the most memorable picture of your wedding day shoot.

9. Wedding Video Messages

Make your pet the VIP of your nostalgic wedding video. It’ll be fun for your family, important for your attention-loving dog, and also ensures that everyone keeps their eyes on him.