11 Surprisingly Elegant Ways to Style Your Maang Tikka to Your Outfit

11 Surprisingly Elegant Ways to Style Your Maang Tikka to Your Outfit

Accessories can make or break your outfit and the choices are endless, but nothing screams wedding event more than a Maang Tikka on your forehead! There are different types and myriad ways to style so take a gander at our list and see which style works best for you…

Exposed Strand

This design is most commonly seen on brides for their traditional ceremony, and some guests too. The strand that holds the tikka can be just as gorgeous as the bottom, so why hide it?

Hidden by Hair

Not feeling the strand? Then cover it! This works especially well if your hairstyle has a side part, since the strand won’t take away from how BOMB your hair looks.

To the Side

The Maang Tikka with a single or multi-stranded attachment that goes to one side (left or right-whichever floats your boat) has slowly become more popular. It’s great with a side-swept do so no part of your headpiece is hidden!


Two is always better than one so double up on the strands on both sides! This style looks insanely regal, and it doesn’t matter if it’s simple or intricate. It’ll make anyone feel like a princess!

Full-On Traditional

If you are going the whole nine yards, then the Maang Tikka and nose ring combo is just as it should be. Get a custom set designed that carries your look and style all the way through.

Jeweled Perfection

Not feeling the clear crystal stones? Then add some color! Maang Tikka’s are perfect to add matching or complimentary colors to make your outfit pop.

Covered Head 

It’s no problem if you’re not showing your hair! Put your Maang Tikka over or under your headscarf or headgear…it creates a totally unique look, and is a statement style, no doubt.

Tikka and Jhoomer

While on the subject of head scarves, why feel limited to just one style. This bride rocks her Maang Tikka and jhoomer with much élan.

Smaller Focus

Some Tikka’s are HUGE. But, they don’t have to be, so choose a smaller style that you’re more comfortable with. You’re gonna be wearing it all day, and just because it’s smaller doesn’t make it any less gorgeous.

Down-Do Dazzle 

Your hair doesn’t need to be in an up-do for your Tikka to shine. Feel like a Victoria’s Secret Angel and rock that down-do with the side-swept bangs and the best Tikka you can find!

Just A Dot

For the bride that wants the Maang Tikka but not in a style that overpowers the rest of her look, this is a suitable arrangement to feature it in your trousseau without completely dismissing it altogether.

Go forth, experiment, accessorize, and take your outfit to the next level!

Note: Thanks to Cool Bluez PhotographyCupcake ProductionsDress Your Face, Makeup By Saleha, Amna Hakim Photography, Lin and Jirsa, Wedding Nama and Shot by Shahed for images.