11 Groomsmen Poses With Attitude Totally Worth Rocking for Your Wedding Album

11 Groomsmen Poses With Attitude Totally Worth Rocking for Your Wedding Album

From dressing up as superheroes to sporting nice suits, sunnies and the bridesmaid's accessories, these epic groomsmen poses are ones you'll want to recreate with your boys!

1. The Entourage

Roll up in style in fresh suits and your nicest sunnies. Make a triangle formation like in your favorite action movies, start with the groom out in front.

2. Action Poses

These groomsmen couldn’t sit still long enough for the photographer to take serious picture so instead they did some dabbing moves!

3.  Matching Little Groomsman

Be sure to include the littlest ones of your family on your big day. Let them dress up to match you, giving them a taste of what is to come in their future.

4. Twirling The Moustaches

These groomsmen twirled their mustaches beside a bride trying to look high fashion! She went along with it and shrugged her shoulders to capture the hilarious moment.

5. Bridesmaid Envy

These boys are truly sad they cannot carry the pretty parasols that the bridesmaids do. Instead, they decided to steal their prop and use it for their own scenic photoshoot.

6. Too Cool For School

A classic pose, crossing your arms in unison, staring stone cold at the camera to prove your coolness. Way to go, guys!

7. Lifting Him Up

What a better way to show your appreciation for the groom then by lifting him sky high! Cheer, dance, celebrate the momentous occasion of your favorite friend.

8. Superhero Style

By day you can find these groomsmen attending weddings and celebrating love, by night, they’ll be out fighting crime in the streets of their cities!

9. Helping Him Suit Up

The classic image where the groom’s best men and brothers help him suit up, button up and clean up for his big day.

10. Respect For The Sword

There’s nothing more suave than a look of seriousness, the groomsmen’s hands clasped in front of them and the groom wielding his sword.

11. Hug Of Brotherhood

This one is all about brotherly love! Show it with a group hug that includes all of your friends embracing one another in matching attire.