10 Ways To Turn Your Big Wedding Into An Intimate Affair

10 Ways To Turn Your Big Wedding Into An Intimate Affair

With the average amount of guests at weddings rising, we've consulted the pros to help you transform your wedding into the intimate affair you've always dreamed of.

1. Host A Pre-Wedding Party

Some couples have had two receptions, one small and one large, to increase the intimacy of their wedding. Thinking about adaptations like this, and others including a smaller-scale pre-wedding party can make your grand wedding feel comfortable.

2. Sit Close To Your Guests

Seat your head table nearer to your guests, in the middle of the ballroom, or on the same level as them instead of the stage. Making this change at your reception and other events can significantly increase the emotional closeness you feel to your guests.

3. Mood Lighting

Use lighting to your advantage! For example, warmer lighting such a chandeliers and small bulbs scattered throughout a space can create a much homier, romantic ambience for your events.

4. Ditch Circular Reception Tables

Opt for longer, extended tables to create the feeling of being at a family gathering or dinner party with your guests.

5. Incorporate Low Centerpieces

Large centerpieces can block friends and family from seeing each other across the ballroom. Allow your guests more space to mingle, with you and each other, by incorporating smaller table centerpieces into your reception.

6. Greet Your Guests

Make a conscious effort to greet each table of guests seated at your reception. Other acts such as making eye contact in paused moments of your ceremony can make your wedding a truly heartwarming experience.

7. Create Side Spaces

Use the lounge space of your venue to create smaller themed groupings, such as entertainment or a cigar space or unwinding corner. This allows your guests to mingle amongst each other, away from the noise and increases the quality of their experience.

8. Opt For Food Stations

Something else that allows your guests to mingle amongst each other and you are food stations. This also gives them chances to stand up and move throughout their meal, increasing their sense of freedom, instead of staying at their designated tables.

9. Dance With Your Guests

Take time to party with your guests! Pull the stragglers unto the dance floor, put your arms around your best friends, make time to take a wedding day selfie with your suited-up little brother.

Allow your guests to celebrate alongside you, include them in the off-times you’re not smooching or staring into the eyes of your groom.

10. Make Your Wedding Interactive

Start your guests day-off with a creative form of guest book they just can’t wait to sign! Set up a festive photo booth where everyone can take silly and selfie pictures together using fun props.

You can even play games as an entire group at your reception, put the instructions and objects needed on each table.