10 Ways to Plan an Off the Grid Wedding

10 Ways to Plan an Off the Grid Wedding

Ditch the old banquet hall and take a look at these jaw dropping, off the grid wedding locations!  

Make your special day just that much more special by using a one of a kind venue. From mountains to forests to yachts, there are plenty of ways to plan a memorable, out of the box, wedding!


Who would have thought a barn would be such a stunning backdrop for the perfect wedding. Contact the ranches and outdoor barn locations in your area to have a serene, outdoor night to remember!


indian beach wedding

Although there are a ton of hotel chains that offer beachside venues, look for a private beach to give you unlimited seclusion and possibilities for a perfect event minus any distractions.


Don’t just look for a winery, look for a stunning local winery with underground caves. They are absolutely decadent and provide the perfect ambiance to celebrate your love!


A private estate home not only is a beautiful and secluded venue with elaborate yards and grand entrances,  but it doubles as a hotel for for you and your close family and friends.

Imagine tall lush trees with beautiful bright string lights…Look for a grand forest to have your wedding or reception! Contact your local parks and forest rangers to view their venue guidelines!


Sail the high seas while looking up at the twinkling stars by having your event on a yacht. Seem to good to be true? Not anymore – Yachts, cruises and boats offer wedding and event services for you and your guests!


Enjoy the serene and soothing outdoors to solidify your love by having your wedding up in the mountains! Not only will your guests enjoy disconnecting from the outside world, but the endless gorgeous views will make for the best pictures and memories!


Surprise your guests with a wedding on a private island…Talk about privacy! Party into the wee hours of the morning with nothing surrounding you but water, family, and good old-fashioned love.

Nothing is more breathtaking than a suspending stage in the middle of the water with your friends and family surrounding you. Is this possible? Yes! Take a look at these beautiful wedding set ups in the middle of the water.


Have an outdoor grand event by renting out a ranch for the weekend! Many ranches offer multiple venues, ample yard space, gorgeous décor, and more.

Whether you’re in the middle of the mountains or the middle of the sea, truly enjoy your special day by planning your events at an off the grid venue!

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