10 Ways To Customize Your Bridesmaids Outfits Into Something Truly Special

10 Ways To Customize Your Bridesmaids Outfits Into Something Truly Special

We all know the feeling when a relative or friend announces they are getting married, and while you couldn’t be happier for them, a part of you is dreading the bridesmaids’ outfit they might chose for you to wear.

IndiaBoulevard, the San Francisco based company helps you customize any outfit, from anywhere in the world and then ships it to you. An ingenious idea, but the perfect one to help you customize your outfit, and let you participate in the big day!

Pick Your Own Outfit

You are given free range to choose from a sari, anarkali, salwaar suit, or lehenga.

Paint With all the Colors of the Wind

Brides usually have a color theme in mind, but finding the right shade of pink or purple that suits your skin tone and personal style interpretation for outfits for each occasion is a great way to make your bridesmaid’s outfit your own.

Patterns, Patterns, Patterns

This opens up a whole new ball game in customization. There’s so many possibilities when it comes to patterns within the same material, color and even style of outfit – throw in some floral, paisley or embroidery!

Fabrics Can Make it or Break it

A heavy sequined or velvet fabric in peak summer heat or light cotton in the middle of pouring rains do not make a happy bridesmaid! Choose the best fabric for your style, your body and keep in mind the events you’ll be wearing them at.

Staying High or Going Low

We’re talking necklines! Sweetheart, boat neck, high neck, low back, square, and the list goes on. Necklines can add a lot to an outfit, and can change the embroidery—if there is any—around it.

To Sleeve Or Not To Sleeve

That is the question. Do you want full-length sleeves in summer, or no sleeves in winter? Does your outfit command a beautifully embroidered long sleeve or maybe some clean and simple lines with a shorter do?

Dupatta Pattern

Are you doing ombre, patterned, a solid color, the same color as your outfit, or a contrasting one? This simple piece of your outfit can easily be customized to make you stand out from the rest of the bridesmaid posse!

Glitz and Glamour

Feeling fancy? Go for all the glitter or tone it down for a classic style. The best part about traditional outfits is how easily you can up the ante on the glam factor with heavier embroidery and accessories.

Borders and Such

On the sleeves, on the blouse, on the lehenga, or the dupatta! So much can be accomplished simply playing with different styles and choosing one that is more aligned with your vision for your bridesmaid outfit.

Lace it up With Latkans

If there weren’t already enough ways to accessorize your outfit, here’s one more to add to the list! Latkans on your dupatta or the back of your outfit can take you from plain Jane to wow in seconds!