10 Things You Cannot Afford To Miss In Your Bridal Emergency Kit

10 Things You Cannot Afford To Miss In Your Bridal Emergency Kit

The wedding day arrives and everything goes well until something pops open, falls off or fades away. Use this starter checklist for a well-prepared bridal emergency kit!

1. Safety Pins and Bobby Pins

A bride’s boon when it comes to wedding day attire and hairstyle. A safety pin can keep the different pieces of your outfit intact just as a bobby pin does your veil, tiara, bun, flowers and whatever else action you’ve got going on with your crowning glory.

2. Hair Spray

On the topic of hair, never enough spray to keep those strands together, especially if you’ve got a highly stylized do and outdoor elements to consider.

3. Blotting Paper

Oily skin? Sweaty face? Too much make-up? Blotting paper to the rescue! You cannot overlook the uses of something so trivial as some blotting paper to blot away those worries.

4. Pain Killers

Not that we recommend medication for a grand day like this but a little help with soothing a gradual headache experienced by anybody in the bridal party is always welcome.

5. Stain Removal Pen

Best invention ever! Given all the moving parts involved, any number of factors, clumsiness included, could easily result in spillage, stains, clothes with spots in places where there were none. So stain removal pen is the savior.

6. Mints

Weddings do warrant a lot of eating, and there is no guarantee what you will be chomping down during the festivities. A handy box of mints can save the day so slip it into your purse and enjoy away!

7. Perfume

Nothing signals freshness like a whiff of your signature fragrance so why not carry it around and have you feel fancy the whole day through? Besides, when was body odor ever a nice factor! Consider some of our top fragrance picks while you are at it…

8. Facial Tissue

There will be tears during this joyous moment. There will also be a messy face of make-up to address. A pack of tissues can go a long way, they say!

9. Compact Mirror

A little something to keep the bride, groom and the wedding entourage at ease at all times – a quick check on make-up, last minute touches that don’t require a full-length mirror to do the job. Finding out after the photo shoot that your tiara was on all wrong is never fun!

10. Emergency Bag

Putting all your emergency kit items in one bag clearly marked way ahead of the wedding day will help calm those last minute nerves and keep everyone aware of that one carry on that nobody is leaving without.

Enjoy the grand day now… and remember your must-have bridal emergency essentials!