10 Things You Must Do Immediately After You Get Engaged

10 Things You Must Do Immediately After You Get Engaged

You're engaged! Now what? Before you panic here are ten things you can do right after saying "Yes!" that will ensure you'll get the most of your post-proposal bliss.

1. Document Your Proposal Story

Write it down, every detail. All the words he said that you remember, how he asked you, where and when, because you won’t want to forget a single thing about that momentous day. You can even submit the story to a wedding publication!

2. Spread The Word

Hurry, tell your parents first before the word gets out elsewhere. You can even change your relationship status on Facebook from “Single” to “Engaged.” Get the word out that you’re madly in love with your man and on the verge of starting a life together.

3. Refuse To Answer ANY Questions

It will happen. Friends and family will bombard you about details. When is the wedding? Where? Are you inviting so-and-so?

This is bound to seriously stress out any happily engaged person. Make sure to convey a strict policy not to answer questions or take counsel about the big day but rather invite a time of excitement and positivity into your time with others.

4. Get Your Ring Sized

This can be done within a few hours. If you’re ring is a little too snug, or tight around your ring finger, you should resize it so that you can ensure it looks and stays exactly where it should be!

5. Take Those Ring Selfies

We know you’ve been dying to do this! Schedule a romantic photoshoot, take those ring pictures while you’re doing everyday activities like reading or sipping a latte.

Post them on all your favorite social media channels for your family and friends to gush over.

6. Get Your Ring Insured

This is an important step to take to ensure you and your partner never lose the amount spent on the priceless engagement piece. An insurance broker, after a proper appraisal, can have this done for you in no time!

7. Go On A Trip

Yes, we’re serious. Go on a trip, spontaneous or planned, away from the noise and opinions of everyone else. Focus on you and your fiancee and the journey you’ve taken as a couple. When else will you get the chance to? You really won’t.

So go to a bed and breakfast and relax, have an elegant dinner downtown, anything. Enjoy this wondrous occasion!

8. Host An Engagement Party

In typical fashion, you must plan a time to gather both of your friends and family around to see the ring in person. To hear the story. To celebrate the grand occasion of the joining of two lives, two families and two futures.

Add a theme to the event if you want, personalize it, do whatever makes you and your fiancee the most happy!

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9. Start A Wedding Savings Account

This, though a small step, will lessen the amount of stress you have surrounding your eventual wedding. Open up an account and add a small sum to start. It’s a beautiful thing you can do as a couple looking forward to the day your lives will be joined forever.

10. Finally, Get To Planning!

Don’t rush so quickly though. Revel in the time you have as an engaged and over the moon couple madly in love!

Choose a day or two during the week to focus on wedding planning as a couple. Make a list, and make progress on a few to-do’s every time to sit down together to work.