10 Sherwani Style Picks For The Suave Suitor

10 Sherwani Style Picks For The Suave Suitor

From modern to traditional, crème to colored, short to long, there are endless ways to customize and accessorize a groom’s outfit for the big wedding day! Take a look at these different and exquisite twists on the average sherwani...  

Compare and Contrast

A groom wearing a completely contrasting color to his bride’s outfit is a rare find and therefore a unique one! Look at the colors pop with this couple’s choices – red is always associated with regal but purple reigns too.

Do Prince Charming Right

Matching up outfits is great but doing it with the right tones and shades elevates any groom’s style. Loving the muted pinks on his outfit that collaborates well with his lady love but also shows her off, her outfit being a few notes darker than his.

Almost Floor-Length Anarkali

Becoming one of the biggest trends for grooms is the wedding day anarkali! With so many options in length, material, and embroidery, you can custom create your vision to match your style. How amazing does this pair look?

Embroidered Jacket

Go all out chic with a full velvet jacket with zardosi embroidery. Choose a vibrant color to stand out and accentuate your bride, and you have yourself a one of a kind masterpiece!

Floral Finesse

Every sherwani jacket is either adorned with zardosi or zirconia; ditch them both and try a floral sherwani! A strong trend for the past couple of years has been floral outfits for brides, but who knew a floral sherwani would be so beautifully dapper?

Crank up the Color

Not often that grooms steer away from the standard wedding colors so a pop of green is certainly an attention grabber! Don’t shy away from color the one day that all eyes are on you. Besides, who can deny going green with envy at this suave suitor’s choice?

A-Shape Accent

Rather than the more common straight length jacket, add some flare by making it an A-shape – Not only does it take the entire look up a notch, but it adds an element of class that is unbeatable!

Bold and Beautiful

Bold colors and patterns make for a pretty suave looking groom. Dare we say this wedding day outfit is all that and more? Effortless yet memorable, a striking contrast to the bride in color yet in keeping with the exquisite embroidered feel of fabric!

The Timeless Classic

With every tip and trick out there to spruce up your sherwani, there is just something so ageless and sophisticated about a white on white look. The pop of red or any color really stands out and makes way for the bride to dazzle in her wedding day creation!