10 Makeup Musts from Namrata Soni’s Vogue Wedding Show Masterclass

10 Makeup Musts from Namrata Soni’s Vogue Wedding Show Masterclass

One of the things that brides stress about the most is makeup. Nobody knows that better than expert Namrata Soni, and she shared her tips and tricks for brides at her Vogue Wedding Show Masterclass.

When asked about only three things you need to look put-together in a jiffy, Soni suggests – lip balm, blush and kaajal pencil.

Skincare, Prepping, Priming

Yes, all important for healthy skin but top of that list is drinking lots of water and moisturizing your skin.

If the insane hours spent in wedding planning have left your eyes tired and puffy, wrap some ice in a muslin cloth and apply over eyes for 10 minutes to instantly reduce puffiness.


Soni suggests a bridal makeup kit consisting of lipsticks (pink, red and nude), blush (preferably gel based), kaajal, puff, concealer, tinted moisturiser/BB cream, foundation (one skin color foundation and one a couple of shades darker for contouring), mascara, highlighter and eyelash curler.

Don’t underestimate the power of an eyelash curler – it can make a world of a difference, instantly opening up the eyes and making you look brighter.

When it comes to bridal make-up, Soni suggests a classic look as opposed to something trendy so your pictures will look evergreen, not outdated.

When applying makeup, ensure the light source is in front of you falling on your face so you know how much product to use.

For a flawless finish, always use a makeup brush after applying foundation (with a brush or a beauty blender), first in clockwise direction, and then in anticlockwise direction.

Makeup Hygiene

Never use makeup past its validity. Expired make-up can harm the skin.

Clean your make-up brushes regularly, wash them using baby shampoo.

Go on now, put your best face forward and rock your bridal makeup!