10 Killer Makeup Resources for Every Skin Tone

10 Killer Makeup Resources for Every Skin Tone

Whether it’s your big day, or your besties’, everyone wants to look flawless! But this can be a challenge since everyone has a different skin tone, so your sister’s beauty products might not work for you.  

But have no fear; we have a top ten list that everyone of any skin tone can use to make Beyoncé proud, and slay all day—and night—long!

Primed Perfection

Primer is your number one makeup step and there are primers for everything – color-correcting primers, brightening primers, oil control, hydration, and primers for your lips, face and eyes…Create a smooth even skin texture to make all your other makeup glide on.

Get that Glow with Highlight

A HUGE trend in the past year, highlight does exactly what it claims – highlights your face! There are powders, liquids, and even sticks, so find what works best with your skin, and embrace that glow!

Contour like a Kardashian

They don’t have to be your faves but there’s no denying that no one has a contour like Kim K. Contour helps to define and shape your jawline, cheeks and face shape. There are liquids, sticks, pencils, creams, and powders, plus they come in so many colors you’ll find the perfect texture and product for you.

Get Them Brows on Fleek!

Full, thick eyebrows are a MASSIVE trend! Everyone wants them, some people have them naturally, and others don’t. So grab your favorite brow product—there’s liquids, powders, gels, pencils — and start filling those babies in.

Lady in Red

Everyone looks good in red lipstick. It’s a universally flattering shade, and two people with extremely different skin tones can 100% rock the same shade! Not into bright Ruby Woo red? Don’t worry! There’s dark reds, bright reds, orange reds, burgundy shades, and the list goes on! So don’t be afraid, you can rock it and it’s gonna look Ah-MAZING!

Sun Queen

Sunscreen is important for everyone! UV rays can damage every skin tone, type, and color. Some people choose to go with a solo sunscreen, and others opt for tinted moisturizers or BB and CC creams with SPF. But regardless of how you wear it, fight wrinkles, sun damage, and aging with Sunscreen.

Slay All Day

Feeling your look? Finally got the perfect cat eye? Set your face so nothing moves! Oily skin, dry skin, combination skin, setting spray is the best thing for guaranteeing your makeup will not budge! Feels like magic when you can look in the mirror and see your makeup exactly the same as when you put it on…after a 14-hour wedding day!

Bake, Bake, Bake

Sorry, there are no cookies on this list! But we do have translucent powder which is great for setting makeup in specific places when you let it ‘bake’ under your eyes and around your mouth – it helps to reduce creasing so your makeup stays smooth all day long.

Color Correction Compulsory

A huge trend in the past few years, color correcting uses different colors to neutralize and correct any redness, darkness, dullness you might be experiencing! Color correct to make your skin look flawless and even.

Lashes for Days

Not everyone can wear false lashes but everyone can wear mascara! It’s great for finishing off the eyes, and some mascaras make your lashes so long, they actually look fake! Add a curler and BAM—the results are insane!

Experiment on what works and looks best on your skin, and you’ll have everyone asking how your makeup always looks so darn perfect!