Ten Hashtag Ideas To Help You Create Your Own Wedding Hashtag And Go Viral!

Ten Hashtag Ideas To Help You Create Your Own Wedding Hashtag And Go Viral!

Instagram hashtags are all the rage right now, and why not?! Use our how-to guide to create your own fun and unique wedding hashtag.

Put it together

Do you have a couple nickname like Kimye or Brangelina? If you do, then that’s easy! And if you don’t, craft one! What’s your ultimate ‘ship’ name? Everyone has a nickname. Or you could incorporate what you call each other lovingly.

Make it Punny

Puns are great! It might get a little groan and smile from your guests, but it’s worth it! Do you love fruit? Try something like #ApplelyEverAfter! Is your last name Singh? How about #SinghYourHeartOut!

Play on Words

Not into the puns? Think of your names or other words for something clever and romantic! #MyBigFatDhesiWedding is a play on #MyBigFatDesiWedding – a simple way to incorporate names, and still be playful.

Tag Your Locale

Where are you getting married? Is it a destination wedding? Then add it in! If you’re having a Hawaiian affair, consider #WeSaidIDoInHonolulu. Even if it’s local, you could use #DancingInDelta!

Rhyme it out

Are you a poet, and you don’t even know it? Channel that gift to for a hashtag that will be a ‘wordy’ hit! Bring out your inner Dr. Seuss for something like #KevinAndAnneInWonderland!


Alliteration almost always pave the way for a good hashtag! If both your last names start with a ‘D’, then #DhillonDancesToDhaliwal is a great hashtag! Plus, this is probably easier to create than a pun!

Numbers it is

Adding the year to your hashtag is a great way to track your wedding guests’ posts! More than one person might have #KarenWedsSunny but adding the year is a differentiator!

Keep the Theme

If you decided to have a themed wedding, keep it going with the hashtag! If you’re Harry Potter fans, and maybe your partners name is Harry, #HarryAndTheGreatBigWedding, or #AmortentiaForYouAndMe are fun ones to incorporate something you two share!

Inside Jokes

Do you love something that only makes sense to you? Hashtag it! If you both love New Kids on the Block, go for #NewlyWedsOnTheBlock! It’s funny and it’s personal.

Generate Some

Still having a hard time thinking of one? Use this wedding hashtag generator, or this one!