10 DIY Wedding Hacks You Will Want to Try Right Now

10 DIY Wedding Hacks You Will Want to Try Right Now

Whether you are the DIY queen, or just want to plan your wedding with some serious personal and innovative touches, these fun DIY hacks should provide sufficient fodder to get your creative juices flowing!

1. Backdrop Bonanza

Make a base out of PVC pipes or buy a backdrop support stand on Amazon.com. Buy some material in keeping with your theme or go for a gold sequin pre-made backdrop. Assemble your stand, decorate, drape, and adorn with your chosen cloth, and voila…your custom backdrop is done in three steps!

2. Wedding Banners

Find online templates for the font (we have a soft corner for Bromello) and shapes you like. Print it, punch a hole in it, and loop it all together with some beautiful decorating ribbon.

For some sprucing up, use scrapbooking cardstock from the craft store, which comes in specialized designs. Mount the banner letters on the cardstock, or print the letters directly on to them.

3. Fan Programs

Find designed templates online for your wedding program. Write out your plans for the big day. Either purchase in bulk and feed it into your printer, or print on paper and glue them onto card stock of your choice.

Get large Popsicle sticks in bulk, spray-paint them any color and hot glue gun them onto the programs!

4. Snapchat Geofilters

Trend alert! Custom Snapchat filters are a big wedding must have right now and couples are getting some seriously awesome designs going for the special day.

5. Bangle Bar

Perfect for Sangeet and Mehendi nights! Create a do-it-yourself bangle bar table. Use different types of vases, baskets and containers, and separate the bangles by color.

Make cute signs on the computer, print them and frame them to make the table more personalized. Then let your guests create their own designs as a way to remember your fabulous event.

6. Monogrammed Letters

Purchase wooden letters online or at your craft store, spray paint them or use card stock to glam them up a notch! The more glitter, the better –buy scrapbooking card stock, trace the shape of the letter, and glue the cardstock on the front of the wooden letters.

7. Frame Props

Cut out a large square in the middle of some cardboard. Spray paint the frame your desired color. Decorate the frame with your wedding hashtag or use stencils for monograms.

For an Instagram looking frame, screenshot an Instagram picture, blow it up on a poster size for cheap at your local copy shop, and paste it onto your cardboard frame!

8. Floral Decor

Buy artificial flowers from your local dollar or craft store, or rent them from a party rentals shop. Grab some old Christmas lights from your garage.

Use command hooks, tape, and some creative thumbtacks to weave and alternate creating designs with the flowers and lights.

9. Guest Games

For wedding advice, find an online template for a form with special words encouraging your guests to provide you with marriage advice.

An extension of that idea – have a container filled with empty Popsicle sticks. Tell your guests to write a fun date-night idea with sharpie on a Popsicle stick and place it in a designated mason jar!

10. Your Very Own Picture Wall

Grab some ribbon, tape and thumbtacks, choose your pictures, attach pictures to the ribbon and hang them vertically or horizontally. Add cardstock or construction paper behind the pictures to liven it up.

Wrap the wall with lights behind the pictures or add your monogrammed letters to the wall to dress it up even more!