10 Brides With Serious Swagger You Wish You Had

10 Brides With Serious Swagger You Wish You Had

It’s your wedding day and all eyes are on you! This pressure can scare soon-to-be-wives into staying out of the spotlight on their big day.  

There are those special brides though, that have rose to the challenge and harnessed the public eye with a confidence and swagger so many of us wish we had:

1. Dolly Ki Doli Bride

Just days away from her big day you can find this bride chilling in her fancy lehenga and leather jacket. We can guarantee that this bride is witty, fierce and brave and she’s way too cool for the camera.

2. Bride Who Just Needed A Beer

She sips her beer calmly, taking no heed to the haters. This bride’s been spending every waking moment this past year planning the details of her wedding. She deserves to kick back and enjoy a drink!

3. Suave Motorcycle Bride

With one leg on the pedal of a motorcycle and one eye on her man, this bride is going to ride away into the sunset a happy wife!

4. The Aviator Swagger Bride

Her aviators and red hot smolder prove this bride is a natural born queen who’s taking charge of her big day.

5. Bride Who Posed With Her Bird

The bird looks like it’s blushing after a peck from the royal bride! She’s got skills to pose with her feathered friend while maintaining her bridal elegance.

6. Bride That Stares Into Your Soul

This bride has a way of both looking like she’s hiding something from you and like she has the power to hypnotize us with her charming smile.

7. Kala Chashma Bride

Look at these two. The husband, twirling his mustache like he’s royalty, and the bride with her kala chashma pose. If this couple isn’t full of swag, we don’t know who is!

8. Bride With Levitating Powers

Her lehenga is up in the air. Her arms remain crossed at her side. This bride’s beauty is something to be feared.

9. Bride With The Infectious Smile

This bride’s confidence is contagious. Dressed in bright red, she’s ready for what her wedding day has in store.

10. Blonde Bride Who Performed Bole Chudiyan

The bride and her wedding crew made a bold choice, dancing to an indian number at their reception. Thankfully, both the groomsmen and bridesmaids played their parts and showcased some serious swagger on the dance floor.