5 Ways To Prevent A Dreaded Breakout Before Your Big Day

5 Ways To Prevent A Dreaded Breakout Before Your Big Day

When you're under the stress of wedding planning, its easy for it to start to show on your face in the form of big, red, throbbing pimples. Here are five easy ways to release that stress from your skin before your big day.

1. Staying Hydrated With Lemon Water

One of the most simple and effective ways to keep your skin happy and healthy. Before you have your morning caffeine, start your day with a warm glass of water with a squeeze of lemon juice.

With this mixed miracle, you kickstart the internal digestive juices to purge your body of the unnecessary toxins, who doesn’t love a little internal spring cleaning? Leaving yourself parched will show on your skin as it will begin to feel dry and look lackluster.

2. Schedule Regular Facials

About a year before my own wedding, I began getting regular facials to help relieve my skin of any congestion in my problem areas – my cheeks and t-zone. Not only did my areas of concern clear up but any residual scarring I had began fading as well.

Having a professional take care of your skin can make all the difference by helping any pimples heal correctly. Its also crucial to not try a new spa or any treatments before the big day as facials can bring out under-lying pimples.

3. Manage Your Diet

We’ve all heard the phrase “ you are what you eat “ and unfortunately it is true – whatever we put into our body eventually shows up on our face, especially that last piece of chocolate.

Indulging in fruits with high water content like apples, watermelon, and strawberries will benefit your skin greatly. Even though that mint-chocolate ice cream may be calling your name, cutting back on sugars will also keep your skin fresh!

4. Find Time To Exercise

Not only will exercise help lower any wedding planning anxiety but it will help build a healthier and happier you! Finding a regular routine of keeping active will help your skin regenerate from the inside.

Breaking a sweat will help boost your immunity and detoxify your body, which will reflect on your skin, its almost like getting a mini-facial during cardio!

5. Go Chemical Free

For some it’s easier said than done, trying to find multiple days to let your skin go au natural allows the skin to breath and repair.

By layering concealer and products on to an already aggravated pimple, the skin feels constricted and goes into overdrive to repair the blemish, which can sometimes make the situation worse! All the chemicals we use on our face strip them of natural oils, stick to products like coconut oil.

Let your skin replenish itself by finding its natural balance and soon enough, you may not even need makeup.